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Some Fascinating Chinese Yaoi Books and Dramas (1)

Recently I’m so hooked on reading some yaoi stories, and here are some books I’ve found very interesting~>_<~

Today’s Book: 娘娘腔(Niang Niang Qiang | Sissy Boy)


Author: 水千丞(Shui Qiancheng)

The book has well structure and enchanting story line.

When I read 《娘娘腔》(Sissy boy)-the name of the book may sounds not so good, but the story is really fascinating, and I just can’t stop reading that I finished it in one day.

Abstract: The top and the bottom used to be school mates, the bottom is a ssisy boy and the top often bully the bottom in the school. When they grow up, the top found the bottom and still he did a lot of bad things which made the bottom leave him. Then the top know he really love the bottom and do a lot of things to get back the bottom’ heart…

The story is very gut-wrenching , but it’s happy ending(^V^)

But this book only have Chinese edition

This book also have dramas: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av11896421